Reason Roulette Challenge

This Roulette Strategy, the First Ever roulette challenge to be deployed in a smart phone app, places chips on 33/36 numbers per spin in European Roulette and 33/37 numbers in American Roulette per spin.


The spins are played through a set of 5, with 2 modes ( One Day ), ( 10 Day ). Equivalent to ( 3 x 5 spins = 15 Spins ) and (10 x 5 spins = 50 Spins )


There is a time Gap between available Day Cards equal to 15 mins for one day Challenges and 20 hours for 10 day Challenges.


The Player is to select 5 numbers for European and 6 numbers for American and Associate each number to a Reason and select the type of feelings around that number, positive or negative.

The player is then to have an allowable 1 feature chip to be placed on the corner of 4 active chips which would be equivalent to any number not selected and associated to a reason.



Where by the usual method of playing Roulette would be to go for the numbers, reason roulette Flips that theory on Its head, and allows for a different perspective, believing….


Your numbers, by your strong association through the symbolism can be coaxed in a way to your favour on the Roulette Table

Gamble Responsibly